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An unusual wine that has been a mainstay for Breitenbach is Dandelion wine. In keeping with the "country wine" tradition, local Amish families handpick the dandelion blossoms to create the sweet wine. The first weekend in May, Breitenbach hosts their Annual Dandelion May Fest and National Dandelion Cookoff on the winery grounds.

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Place dandelion blossoms into boiling water and let sit for 4 minutes. Remove and discard blossoms. Let water cool to 90 degrees F (32 degrees C), about 10 minutes. Stir in sugar, orange, lemon, and yeast; pour into a plastic fermentor and attach a fermentation lock. Let the wine ferment in a cool area until the bubbles stop, 10 to 14 days.

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Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Breitenbach Wine Cellars in Dover, the gateway to Amish Country, where you can spend a day, weekend or more exploring everything the area has to offer.. Breitenbach Wine Cellars hosts the annual Dandelion Festival celebrating the signature Dandelion Wine the first weekend in May. The family.

Dandelion Wine Recipe How to Make Dandelion Wine & Vinegar at Home

Famous for award-winning sweet and fresh blends that satisfy any palate, the winery includes a gift shop and eatery, in addition to tours and the annual dandelion festival. Taking fruits from the hills of beautiful Amish Country, Breitenbach Wine Cellars makes award-winning wines at their premises in Dover. Their popular beverages have garnered.

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2019 Summary. In the spirit of, "if you can't beat 'em, you might as well eat 'em," the Dandelion May Fest is held each on the grounds of Breitenbach Wine Cellars between Dover and Sugarcreek. This year's event combined the tried and true with bold and new. As a way to "spice" things up a bit, Breitenbach added an interesting.

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3) Prepare the oranges and the lemon. Zest about half of the rind and peel off the rest in thin strips. You want to minimize the amount of white pith added to the brew. Peel the pith off the fruit and slice into thin rounds. 4) Add the lemon and orange zest to the flower-water mixture and bring to a boil.

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64 reviews and 125 photos of Breitenbach Wine Cellars "Breitenbach Wine Cellars is situated north of Columbus in the rolling Hills of Amish Country. It is first and foremost a winery, but is also an Amish Country store, cafe and bed & breakfast inn. They make their own wine (some award-winning) on site, including, blush, red, white and fruit wines.

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Dandelion Wine. $ 19.95. One of Breitenbach's delicious sweet dessert wines. Dandelion wine is only available either at our retail store in Amish Country or online! How many dandelion blossoms does it take to make 1000 gallons of wine?

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Delivery & Pickup Options - 92 reviews of Dandelion Wine "Great addition to the neighborhood. So needed. I can't say enough about this place. Good selection, super friendly staff and owners. There to please and help with selections if needed. Yes you pay a few $ more on certain bottles, but well worth it for the convenience and selection!

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Breitenbach Wine Cellars is a beautiful winery and vineyard nestled in the hills of Amish Country. Founded in 1980, Breitenbach produces 40 varieties of wines ranging from dry vinifera to sweet fruit wines and even Dandelion wine! Enjoy wine tasting in our expansive gift shop and deli featuring award winning cheese and meat from Amish Country.

Dandelion Wine Recipe (& the Mistake You Don't Want to Make) Recipe

1. Make a gravy by browning butter then adding flour and milk. Stir until smooth. 2. To this mixture, add chopped hardboiled eggs, chopped bacon, salt and vinegar to taste. If you prefer, you may leave out the vinegar. 3. Last, add fresh clean dandelion greens and stir until just wilted. 4.

Dandelion Flower Wine Recipe

Dandelion Wine. Pour boiling water over blossoms. Let set 3 days. Add sugar. Simmer 15 minutes. When warm, add lemon and oranges and yeast. Let set 1 week, then strain and bottle. To print this recipe highlight the text then print the selection. Taste the old fashioned goodness of Amish style chicken, experience the delight of mouth watering.

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Yes, dandelion salad, this is one of the favorite ways Amish people use these "weeds." The greens need to harvested while they are young and tender and therefore not bitter and then smothered with a warm bacon gravy. Chopped hard-boiled eggs are the final addition. This is a delicacy on Amish menus, but only for a month or two out of the year.

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Nestled among the rolling, picturesque hills of Ohio's Amish countryside is Der Marktplatz. This is the home of Breitenbach Wine Cellars, exclusive producer of an extensive array of award-winning grape, fresh fruit, and berry wines and Dandelion wine. Dining is open, we offer seating in several areas including our inside tables, tents and.

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All wines are made on the premises; wine tasting room. Stop in and try a local favorite, Dandelion Wine. Home of the annual spring Dandelion Festival. Mon-Sat 9am-6pm. Cafe, featuring bistro style selections open Mon-Sat from 12pm-3pm. (330) 343-3603 Nestled among the rolling, picturesque hills of Ohio's Amish countryside is Der Marktplatz.

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Award-Winning Amish Country Wines. In 1980 Breitenbach Wine Cellars was built by winemaker and owner Duke Bixler. The name "Breitenbach" is German, meaning "bright or broad stream", and is the name of the stream that runs through the winery grounds. Initial production at Breitenbach was 1,500 gallons of grape and fruit wine.

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