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Sunscreen Discreet Flask. If you're going to an outdoor concert or even just to a beach or pool that doesn't allow alcohol, this discreet sunscreen flask is exactly what you need. Complete with a twist-off cap and convincing packaging, no one will even look twice at this one. Fill it with eight ounces of your favorite alcohol, and you'll.

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Hide your al fresco drink in plain sight with these secret flasks that are built into bags, clothing and other inconspicuous items.. While this secret flask definitely won't evade close.

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Form Is Everything. One final note to flask drinkers. The best and most concealable method for taking a swig from one's flask is to cock your wrist when you drink, rather than your head. That's because if you do move your head back, it's pretty clear that you're drinking something. But if you keep your head level, and simply raise your.

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Money Disposable Flask. Now 67% Off. $2 at Urban Outfitters. This flask isn't as sneaky as the others, but it is disposable, so you can toss it before entering a venue. Er, you know, whatever you.

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The ol' floppy flask. Ah, the collapsible flask. Reddit elders recommend using these to stash your sippies under your clothes, your boots, and wherever else floats your boat past security. This.

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To hide a flask, you can use a hip flask designed to fit in pockets or purses, opt for hidden flasks designed to resemble everyday items, disguise the bottle within an empty food bag or a different container, or use a flask cover for additional concealment. While using these methods, it's crucial to remember responsible and moderate alcohol.

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The product allows you to smuggle 8 oz of liquor within each flask, and remember you get two, so that's 16oz of alcohol if you bring both. This really is the perfect product if you are wanting to hide drinks in plain sight, and it's also incredibly affordable, available for just under $10.

Flask With Hidden Cup 6.7oz Stainless Steel The Flask Store

Hidden Flasks FAQ. 1. What alcohol is best to put in a flask? Whiskey, bourbon, rum, gin, and brandy are all good choices for a flask. These spirits are high in alcohol and keep well in such a container. But if a flask is designed to cater to specific alcohol, like a wine purse, you can bring your favorite wine. 2.

The Ten Best Flasks to Hide Your Booze

1GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask. The best-hidden flasks are the ones that security will never suspect. That's why we've chosen the GoPong Hidden Lotion Flasks as our Best Choice product. In this pack, you get three lotion bottles that hold 4 Oz. of alcohol each (that's about 8 shooters in total).

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Best Ways to Hide Alcohol. Transfer alcohol into a hip flask, CamelBak, or water bottle. Put your drink in a brown paper bag to keep it hidden in plain sight. Hide alcohol in a toilet tank, a bookshelf, inside tall boots, or at the bottom of your laundry. Method 1.

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Every experience is a story no one else can tell, including every sticker, bump, ding and mark along the way. Share your story for a chance to win Hydro Flask products, gear and more. Hydro Flask creates insulated, stainless steel water bottles to keep you hydrated on any adventure.

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Hide & Drink, Liquor Flask Holder with Adjustable Strap (Bottle not Included) Travel Accessory, Full Grain Leather, Handmade, Bourbon Brown . Visit the Hide & Drink Store. 4.1 4.1 out of 5 stars 59 ratings. $16.99 with 6 percent savings -6% $ 16. 99. Typical price: $17.99 Typical price: $17.99 $17.99.

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Concealable And Reusable cruise sneak flask Liquor Pouches Sneak Alcohol flask hide drinking flask kit (8OZ-6PCS+Funnel kit) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 4,998. 600+ bought in past month. $8.99 $ 8. 99. Typical: $9.69 $9.69. FREE delivery Sat, Mar 23 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon.

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Pompom Flask. Price: $7. These are adorable, but you have to wonder if printing the word "FLASK" in a huge typeface on their handles is the best way to keep things incognito. Via Uncommongoods.

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Smuggle Your Booze. Comes in pack of 4 flasks with funnel to fill. Durable, reusable, screw top, leak proof 4 oz plastic bags. Bags are Food and beverage safe. Durable container for alcohol that is very easy to hide in a bra. You can use the container as many times as you want. Affordable price. 4 flasks available.

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