Is Beef Tenderloin The Same As Filet Mignon?

Is Beef Tenderloin the Same as Filet Mignon? Farm Field Table

Food Beef Tenderloin vs. Filet Mignon: What Are the Differences? Written by MasterClass Last updated: Nov 8, 2021 โ€ข 3 min read Beef tenderloin and filet mignon are both expensive cuts of beef that you might purchase for a special occasion. Learn about the differences between these two cuts of beef.

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Behold the beef tenderloin, a sleek and elongated segment that traces the spine of the bovine. Revered for its lean nature and tender texture, it sits regally in the realm of prime beef cuts. Reserved for grand occasions or elevated culinary affairs, it boasts an air of opulence. Meanwhile, filet mignon takes its place as a specific fragment.

Easy Beef Tenderloin Roast Recipe Lemon Blossoms

Finish filet mignon in the oven. Transfer the skillet to the oven to finish cooking to your desired doneness. (See tips and time chart below for perfect filet mignon every time!) Top with garlic herb butter. Rest. Transfer the steak to a plate and let it rest for 5 minutes before cutting into it.


The short answer: kind of, but there are some differences. Are Beef Tenderloin and Filet Mignon the Same Thing? The Difference Between Tenderloin and Filet Mignon It's helpful to know some beef basics before we get into the differences between Tenderloin and Filet Mignon.

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As easy as preparing a beef tenderloin is, filet mignon is just as simple. All it takes is a hot skillet and an oven, plus olive oil and seasoning. Cut the steaks into 2-inch pieces for an even cook. Heat a cast-iron or oven-safe skillet on the stovetop until it's screaming hot.

Is Beef Tenderloin The Same As Filet Mignon?

To put it briefly, yes and no. A true Filet Mignon is a part of the tenderloin, but the entire beef tenderloin cannot simply be cut into filets and labeled Filet Mignon. (Though, this happens more than you would think.)

Is Beef Tenderloin The Same As Filet Mignon?

Get it? The tenderloin is a big cut from a cow, and the filet mignon makes up part of the tenderloin. What's The Difference Between Beef Tenderloin And Filet Mignon? Before I compare the two cuts of meat, let's take a look at what defines beef tenderloin and filet mignon. It's a little confusing, so bear with me. Beef Tenderloin

Is beef tenderloin the same as filet mignon? [2022]

No, beef tenderloin and filet mignon are not the same. Beef tenderloin is a cut of meat from the cattle's loin muscle, while filet mignon is cut from the smaller end of that same muscle. Filet mignon is often considered to be more tender than other cuts of steak due to its location on the animal, as well as its relatively small size.

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The most important difference separating filet mignon vs. beef tenderloin is that filet mignon refers to a specific cut of steak whereas beef tenderloin refers to an entire muscle. Filets are the tapered ends of the beef tenderloin, while the tenderloin itself is divided into cuts like the filet mignon, chateaubriand, and tournedos.

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Whereas, Filet Mignon is the beefsteak taken from the portion of tenderloin at the tip of the entire strip of meat. After understanding this key difference, filet mignon can be called tenderloin, on the contrary, the entire tenderloin is not filet mignon. Tenderloin is a long muscle whereas filet mignon is just the conical tip of it.

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What To Know However, it is a cut that is taken from the center of the loin, which makes it a thicker and more flavorful cut of meat. Beef tenderloin and filet mignon are both known for their tenderness, but beef tenderloin is not nearly as tender as filet mignon.

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Tenderloin comes from the cow's loin primal. This cut comes before the round of the back. Its location is before the hind legs, but it doesn't include the belly of the cow. Interestingly, the origin of filet mignon is the same as tenderloin. Or to be more specific, this cut is a part of the beef tenderloin.

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Beef tenderloin is a long, larger cut of beef that includes the filet mignon. It is a fine-grained, lean cut of steak that is sold as a large tenderloin cut or broken into smaller.

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Beef tenderloin is the larger cut of beef from the same area as filet mignon, but it runs along the entire length of the short loin. The long muscle will often have a strip of fat running down one side which gives it more flavor and moisture than its smaller counterpart.

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Opinions are always our own. Read more. For some folks telling tenderloin and filet mignon a part is like differentiating the difference between royal blue and cobalt blue. Most people think tenderloin and filet mignon are the same cut of beef. These people believe the only difference between these two cuts is their name.

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No, it's not the same! Tenderloin is the whole piece of the meat while filet mignon is a tapered end of the tenderloin. Comparing filet mignon vs beef tenderloin, the former is much leaner, more tender, yet less flavorful. What Makes Filet Mignon Special? Filet mignon is considered one of the most prized cuts of steak.

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