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Dr. James Betts, a doctor who rescued 6-year-old Julio Berumen during the 1989 earthquake. Noah Berger/Special to The Chronicle The 1989 earthquake is never far from Dr. James Betts ' mind.

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For the boy, Julio Berumen, to be freed, his right leg had to be amputated at the knee by the doctor, James Betts, who later witnessed the emotional hospital reunion of the boy and his father.

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Julio's sister, Cathy, 8, was injured but survived. Pastor Berumen said people have, in the more than a month since the earthquake, donated more than $168,000 to a trust fund set up for Julio and.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Saturday is a day many in the Bay Area will not forget.31 years ago today on Oct. 17, 19-89, the powerful deadly Loma Prieta earthquake hit at just after 5 in the evening.

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Six-year-old Julio Berumen, one ofthe best-known victims of the Oct. 17 earthquake, has finallyleft the hospital - but not until after delaying his departureto meet baseball star Dave Stewart.

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Julio Berumen had been tossed forward from the back seat of the car when a 500-ton cement crossbeam landed on the front of the car. His left leg was trapped beneath the driver's seat, his right.

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Julio Berumen, 6, was pulled Tuesday night from a car crushed to just inches high after doctors amputated one of his legs. The boy was in stable and improving condition Saturday at Children's.

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The boy, Julio Berumen, 6, and his sister, Cathy, 8,, both of Richmond, Calif., became symbols of the tragedy and buoyed the spirits of rescue workers in the aftermath of the 7.1 magnitude quake.

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Now we do: It was Julio Berumen, and the two dead adults in the car with him were not both his parents, as Betts feared when he was in there, but rather his mother and an adult friend. (The friend was female. Much later, it occurred to me to wonder: Why would he think that was the boy's father? Then I imagined what Betts might have seen, what.

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Offers of money, toys and even a new home poured in from many parts of the world today for Julio Berumen, the 6-year-old boy who was rescued from the Interstate 880 wreckage only through.

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Betts continued to treat both Berumen children. Julio, now 7, required 10 follow-up operations on both legs, and now has a prosthesis and walks with two therapeutic crutches. His sister, Cathy, 9.

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Rubble. Ruined. San Francisco - California. Sitting. USA. Waiting. Wheelchair. 6-yr. old Julio Berumen who was trapped in debris of collapsed bridge in earthquake sitting in wheelchair in hospital awaiting artificial leg. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images.

Julio Bermejo the creator of the Tommy’s Margarita talks tequila

In the shadow of San Francisco, the ``cool gray city of love,'' beneath a mountain of slag and concrete, 6-year-old Julio Berumen lost his mother and his right leg. He, his mother, his 8-year-old sister, Cathy, and another woman were in a car funneling through the lower tier of the Nimitz Freeway near the Bay Bridge linking Oakland and San Francisco when crustal plates of the Pacific and North.

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The two Berumen children were saved, although Julio's right leg had to be amputated so he could be removed from the wreckage in one of the more dramatic episodes of the rescue efforts. Mrs. Orozco.

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It lasted for less than a minute, as short as 15 seconds in some Bay Area neighborhoods, but the memories of the deadly and destructive 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake still linger 30 years later.

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