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Fresh Flavor Gator Plumcot. Avg. 0.25 lb ea @ $3.98 lb. This is a variable weight item. You will be charged for the actual weight of the product. Not Available. Find Similar. Featuring a speckled green skin, Flavor Gator Plumcots have a deep-red flesh that's incredibly sweet and juicy. A complex hybrid of a plum and an apricot, these plumcots.

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Plumcots are stone fruits that are a plum - apricot hybrid. Plant breeder Luther Burbank came up with the idea of cross-pollinating the two summertime stone fruits back in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Another plant breeder-Floyd Zaiger-renewed efforts to bring the 50-50 plum-apricot mix to market.

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Select pluots just as you would a plum. Look for fragrant-smelling fruit that's firm but gives to the touch, and is free from blemishes. Pluots come in a variety of colors — choose the most vibrant looking fruits among each variety, as those will be the sweetest. Stay away from plots that feel especially hard, they won't ripen well.

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Soil: Plumcots prefer well-drained soil with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.5. Make sure the soil is rich in nutrients and organic matter, which can be achieved by adding compost or manure to the soil. Sunlight: These fruit trees require full sun exposure for at least 6 hours per day. Plant plumcots in an area that receives direct sunlight and avoid planting them in overly shaded areas.

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The fruits of the Speckled Roman Tomato are bright orange-red with yellow stripes. It's an oblong plum variety and reaches about five inches long at maturity. It's a hardy fruit, weighing in at roughly six ounces, and crack-resistant. Taste. If you think the Speckled Roman Tomato is interesting to look at, wait until you try one!

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Super special. Plumcots are an exceptional fruit. Also recognized as a pluot, plumcots are part plum, part apricot with more plum characteristics. Not only do sweet apricot qualities balance out the sour hints from a traditional plum, but each variety has its own distinctive fusion of flavors, size, and color. We have all the plumcot varieties.

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The rest of the fruit may feel firm still but the pluot should be ready to eat. You may see a bit of wrinkling on top. The fruit is still good as long as it appear firm around most of the fruit. You can take color ques from the fruit as well. Pluots that have a rich color tend to be more ripe.

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Speckled Plum. Cone 6 oxidation (larger image): Speckled Plum produces a reddish brown gloss finish (one to two light coats) and evolves to deliver floating maroon-mauve tones with heavier applications (three to four coats). Heavier applications may also yield bands of reddish-mauve specks when used with certain clay bodies.

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Plumcots and apriplums. Natural plumcots (also called apriplums) have been known for hundreds of years from regions of the world that grow both plums and apricots from seed. The name plumcot was coined by Luther Burbank. The plumcot (apriplum) tree is propagated asexually, primarily by grafting or budding.. Pluots. Pluots / ˈ p l uː ɒ t / are later generations of complex hybrid between the.

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Family Tree Farms' most intriguing plumcot is a speckled green "Flavor Gator.". Slice into one and you'll find a deep, red interior that is packed with juicysweetness. PLU: 3278 Availability: Late August - Mid September Grown:California Pack Style:llb Clamshell, 2lb Basket, 3lb Clamshell, 1lb & 2lb Bag, Single Layer Euro. Sales: 559.591.

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TIP: SW-113 Speckled Plum is the base glaze. For a lighter crystal effect, apply 1 coat of SW-191 Peppered Plum over 2 coats of SW-113 Speckled Plum. This glaze is stable, even with heavy application. Light application will result in a more homogenous burgundy. Warm taupe float develops and intensifies with glaze thickness. Size /Unit of Measure.

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Instructions. Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender and purée until very smooth. Drain the pluot purée using a fine mesh basket strainer, pressing to squeeze out as much juice as possible. Discard leftovers skins. Place the purée in an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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A plumcot is a fruit bursting with juicy sweetness, not very bitter, just sweet and resemble more of a plum. They have a stunning pink color inside and a very cool, speckled skin. Taste-wise, plumcots are about 50% plum and 50% apricot.

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Featuring a speckled green skin, mottled plumcots have a deep-red flesh that's incredibly sweet and juicy. A complex hybrid of a plum and an apricot, these plumcots can be used for making cobblers, pies and tarts. Pack along one in your lunch for a flavor-packed snack. • Mottled plumcot • Hybrid of a plum and an apricot • Sweet and.

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Here are some key differences: Plumcots have a 50-50 blend of plum and apricot genetics. Pluots contain about 75% plum and 25% apricot DNA. Plumcots exhibit more apricot-like traits such as sweet-tart flavor, bright coloring, and tender flesh. Pluots lean more strongly towards plums in taste, texture, and appearance.

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General Appearance of Speckled Plum. Cone 6: With 1 to 2 light coats, a reddish brown gloss finish. With heavier applications (3-4 coats), the glaze evolves to deliver floating maroon-mauve tones. Heavier applications may also yield bands of reddish-mauve specks when used with certain clay bodies.

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